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Comprehensive Range of 3G Modem with Diverse

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Comprehensive Range of 3G Modem with Diverse Features
E-Lins 3G modems are designed and tested to serve in extreme harsh environment and conditions such as rural areas, freezing cold during winter days and extremely hot under scorching sun. Our 3G modems are equipped with many beneficial features that surpass expectations of consumers. The modems are compatible with HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM networks. The modems work excellent in synch with different Industrial applications such as Remote Data Monitoring, CCTV surveillance, Automatic meter reading (AMR), Oil and gas flow metering, Power station monitoring and control, ATM, Traffic signals monitoring, Weather forecast, Fleet management, Hydrologic data acquisition, Vending machine, Parking meter and Taxi Monitor etc.
Our advanced 3G modems include:
    1). M300 Series 3G HSPA+ Modem
    2). M300 Series 3G CDMA2000 EVDO Mode
    3). M300 Series WCDMA 3G Modem
    4). M300 3G TD-SCDMA Modem
    5). M400 Series 3G HSDPA Modem
    6). M400 Series 3G EVDO Modem
    7). M400 Series WCDMA 3G Modem
    8). M400 3G TD-SCDMA Modem
Our 3G wireless Modem advanced features:
    1). Built-in 2G/3G/4G industrial cellular module, insert SIM/UIM card to work directly
    2). Built-in sim card slot
    3). Broadband M2M communications
    4). SIM failover/standby APN
    5). 2G/3G/4G failover for fixed line broadband connections
    6). Rapid service deployment applications
    7). Support At command
    8). USB port MIMO support (option)
    1). HSPA+: Downlink 21/42Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
    2). HSPA: Downlink 14.4Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
    3). HSUPA: Downlink 7.2Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
    4). HSDPA: Downlink 7.2 Mbps, Uplink 384k bps
    5). WCDMA/UMTS: Downlink/Uplink 384 kbps
    6). EDGE: Downlink 236,8 kbps, Uplink 118 kbps
    7). GPRS: Downlink 85.6 kbps, Uplink 42.8 kbps
Minimum PC System Requirements:
    1). Mobile Internet Access Subscription and Internet PC Adapter
    2). PC Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000, or Mac OS, Linux
    3). CD-ROM Drive
    4). Network Interface Card
A 3G Modem pack includes:
    1). Wireless Router
    2). USB Cable
    3). Power Adapter
    4). Antenna
    5). Other equipment depending upon provided features
M300 Series 3G HSPA+ Modem  china 3g router
M300 Series 3G HSPA+ Modem
M300 3G Modem 
M300 series 3g modem, USB port,
built-in 3g module with sim card slot…
 M400 Series 3G HSPA+ Modem
M400 3G Modem 
M400 series 3g modem, USB port or USB + RS232/RS485 port, built-in 3g module with sim card slot...

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Comprehensive Range of 3G Modem with Diverse